Refrigerant Survey

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R22 and R404a Survey and replacement

Replacement of R22 and R404a refrigerant in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and its implications for your business

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Refrigerant phase outs - the facts

R22 - Since 2001, increasing restrictions have boon imposed on the use of R22 (Chlorodifluroromethane), as part of the international agreement to reduce and eventually halt the damage to the Ozone layer. The first part of the R22 Phase out began in 2001, when R22 was banned from use in new air conditioning  equiment. Then in 2010 no new R22 refrigerant could be used to repair or maintain equipment. Only recycled or reclaimed R22 could be used. From 1st January  2015, you could continue to use your R22 equipment,. However, it will no longer be possible to repair or service your equipment in the event of a breakdown. Similar restrictions have now been imposed on other HFC based refrigerants such as R404a, which has had increasing restrictions placed on its production in the EU and will be baned in new equipment from 2020. The restrictions on production has already caused a shortage of R404a, consequently the price has more than double during 2017.

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Equipment survey

Here is what a FREE, no obligation Barber and Clarke refrigerant survey will do for your business:

It will identify any R22 and HFC equipment and assess whether your air conditioning or refrigeration installations have a significant impact on your business if they were to fail and could not be repaired.

Help to identify the most practical solution (drop-in refrigerants or new equipment), balancing your budget and your requirements. It should be noted, that in most cases the new equipment will be upto 50% more energy efficient and considerably cheaper to run